Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc. is directed and operated under the guidance of Ms. Marie D. Marrone, M.S. ED. a New York State and Florida State Certified Elementary/Child Study Education and Literacy Education Specialist.

Ms. Marrone has developed the distinctive Sequential Block ELA Series Workshops for pre-school, elementary, and intermediate grade students (grades Pre-K to 8). The program offers building block interconnected workshops in English Language Arts with world studies and science based curriculums. Students engage in fast paced lessons in the areas of grammar, vocabulary enrichment, phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling rules and patterns, literary critical analysis and organizing details for writing and journaling. The emphasis of each and every workshop is to increase students’ reading comprehension.

The development of the program began twelve years ago while Ms. Marrone taught in a large public school district on Long Island. During classroom observations, Ms. Marrone detected time and time again that her students had the natural ability and talent to verbalize detailed accounts of just about anything of interest to them, however when they were at their desks with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil their enthusiasm to tell their wonderful stories faded away. She found that the obstacles for her students, centered on their low confidence levels, their lack of mastering the mechanics of the written English language, and their need to further develop their reading comprehension skills. Her challenge was to convince her students that they needed to communicate not only through spoken words but also, and more importantly through their written words. Their academic journey’s success began with developing and owning the rules of the English Language Arts.

Ask Ms. Marrone’s students about what they took with them after leaving her classroom and most likely you will hear them echo that “My pen or pencil is mightier than my voice!”