Welcome Parents and Guardians

Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center’s foundation is built on advocating and teaching proficient English Language Arts (ELA) elements to early pre-school children through middle school children.

For children to successfully achieve confidence and mastery of reading, writing and speaking, they require a complete knowledge of the most basic to the most complex elements that fit like puzzle pieces in the big literacy picture.

After years of literacy research evaluations, attending professional literacy development courses, seminars, workshops and then instructing in practice reading labs to diverse learners, coupled with classroom teaching experience on Long Island (as well as Florida Public School Districts), the founder of Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc. discovered and formulated a clear and concise determination. That determination encompasses fourteen elements to be taught by a literacy specialist and mastered by a developing proficient reader, writer and speaker. These elements are the objectives of each ELA workshop which are taught in the stepping stone continuum beginning with our 2 ½ year old students and throughout our advanced 7th grade workshops.

A child of 3 years of age is able to speak, listen and respond in their environment. However, formal reading readiness instruction in a 30-minute social playtime session, twice a week, will engage a child in the first ELA element and build on the formative pillar for early literacy development. The process interconnects each piece of the puzzle, as the child is introduced and then has time to experiment and practice, to ensure mastery of each literacy puzzle piece.

This literacy evolution for each child begins at the most basic element and travels upward, and side by side, building explicit literacy knowledge to secure proficiency in reading comprehension, writing and speaking with a heightened level of confidence to explore the 21st century’s ever-growing world of information.

The English Language Arts workshops and classes here at Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc., all begin with an assessment to determine which areas in the English Language Arts (ELA) development have been mastered and where instruction needs to begin.

The 2013 Fall Semester Registration is ongoing at the center. Please visit us on Saturdays (during our OPEN HOUSES) which are scheduled to run from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. You can also call us for further information at (718) 344-3716.