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  • “We are bringing children to the realization that they are the next generation of readers, writers, speakers and thinkers destined to influence our world, well into the 21st century and beyond.”

    - Marie D. Marrone, Founder, Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc.

  • “My place to develop reading, writing and speaking skills to perfection.”

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The focus at Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc. is providing dedication to academic excellence, through collaborated expertise in the field of pedagogy, a proven holistic teaching approach in all areas of English Language Arts (ELA). We have found this unique strategy brings each child into the realization that he or she is a significant individual force, representing the next generation of readers, writers and speakers who will influence the direction of their life path in the 21st century.

Our mission for all of our students pivots on four pillars for success.

  1. Your child will be engaged in the acquisition to develop the ELA skills needed to read, write and speak proficiently, according to NYS Standards and beyond.
  2. Your child will build confidence, organizational study skills and motivation to stay on task to complete their homework and projects throughout the school year.
  3. Your child will develop writing skills to support the requirements outlined in the NYS ELA Core Curriculum, as well as a keen development in the creative writing spectrum.
  4. Your child will develop his or her critical thinking analysis skills associated with the NYS ELA EXAM and to further master critical thinking analysis on multi-levels for advanced reading comprehension skills.



As the founder and Educational Director of Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc. (QLK), I recognize the fundamental significance of advocating and assisting the academic endeavors children face during each school year. Our academic coaches, mentors and tutors model and demonstrate methods which will assist your child with organizing the requirements set by their teachers inside the classroom. Today’s educational competitive climate, along with additional changes in state standards, has burdened families on how to best shield children from developing academic anxieties. In my ELA teaching experience, I have encountered numerous cases of this, which I believe hinders children’s eagerness to learn.

A partnership between your child, you and an educational mentor specializing in literacy at QLK Learning Center, is a winning formula to put the confidence, interest and fun back into learning for your child, while at the same time, building excellent ELA skills to advance mastery in all subjects.

Enrolling your child with us, early in the school year, will set an academic foundation, which will supply guidance, feedback and a risk-free learning environment to help gain success in your child’s classroom.

Yours in Education,

Ms. M. D. Marrone, M.S. Ed.
Founder and Educational Director