Please join us in celebrating the Grand Opening of Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc., located in the heart of Forest Hills, Queens.

Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc.’s Educational Director, Literacy Instruction Specialist and Founder, Ms. Marie D. Marrone, M.S. Ed., came up with the concept for the center as a way to help mend the critical learning gaps most schools overlook, especially when it comes to English Language Arts (ELA) instruction for grades 3 through 7.

As a teacher in a large public school system for many years on Long Island (as well as in Florida), Ms. Marrone found that when students arrived in her classroom in September for the new school year, many of them were unprepared and lacking the skills needed to excel academically. A majority of students who entered her classroom had gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere along the way. She found they also lacked proper academic support, as a result of cutbacks in school programming, due to tighter budgets. So it should come as no surprise that both public and private school teachers have to do much more with far less these days. The result: Fewer opportunities to work with students independently to assess and alleviate their weaknesses and build on their strengths and abilities.

This is how the concept of Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc. was born.

In addition to her ½-day summer camp program, Ms. Marrone has developed the distinctive Sequential Block English Language Arts (ELA) Series Workshops for elementary and intermediate grade students (grades 3 through 7). The program offers building block interconnected workshops in English Language Arts (ELA) with world studies and science-based curriculums. Students engage in fast-paced lessons in the areas of grammar, vocabulary enrichment, phonics, spelling, literary critical analysis and organizing details for writing and journaling. The emphasis of each and every workshop is to increase students’ reading comprehension and to help fill in the gaps left behind.

The atmosphere for students at Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc. is structured, but also relaxed and non-competitive. When students enter the doors of the center, they are greeted by a friendly and compassionate staff who are a part of Quantum Leap’s hands-on and holistic approach to learning.

Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc. also offers a comprehensive homework and written project, English Language Arts (ELA) mentoring service, which assists students and parents in the monitoring of staying on-track with daily homework responsibilities. Another workshop of interest assists students with science project experiments. Additionally, parents can enroll their 3rd through 7th grade students in The New York State ELA preparation workshop. Scheduling for that runs January through May of each school year.