Here at Quantum Leap Kids' Learning Center, Inc., we foster your child's (pre-school through 8th grade) academic learning process, especially in the development of his or her English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency. In today’s educational fast-paced and competitive environment, children are now more than ever, facing demanding academic responsibilities.

Our SEQUENTIAL BLOCK ELA SERIES WORKSHOPS provide a much-needed component to build skills and confidence for your child through precise and focused ELA instruction. The implementation for each of our workshops has, at its core, NEW YORK STATE CORE CURRICULUM ELA STANDARDS, plus the added feature which engages students in formidable and detailed lessons in World Studies and Science-Based curriculums.

Reading Comprehension, Writing, Grammar Usage, Vocabulary Enrichment, Spelling Rules and Literary Critical Analysis are woven into our instructional planning. The learning gaps are then assessed and quickly addressed for each of our students. Our learning environment alleviates feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed where school work, homework, test taking, project completion, or any other academic responsibilities children in pre-school through 8th grade will encounter during the school year.

The center welcomes students who are home-schooled and require supplementary instructions in ELA Exam Preparation. Call for details about our NYS ELA Exam Prep Workshop. Space is limited.

Only here at Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc., will you find 60-minute classes of our own PRE-LEAPS READING READINESS PROGRAM, which are developed to teach the first phonemic reading readiness component (not to be confused with the basics of phonic awareness) to very young children. These classes include your child and you learning together. Each lesson instructs the proven early language standards for letter and sound recognition. The class also combines play with vital language skills. Our goal here at the center, is to support parents of 3 through 5 year old children with the latest research concerning the starting point for developing proficient and advanced reading. Recent reading comprehension research has shown that young children with the mastery of phonemic awareness seldom require language remediation during their elementary school years. There are six schedules to choose from. Enroll now for the class which accommodates you and your little one’s schedule best.

Offering your child the academic support available at Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc. is a gift that will last through his or her cognitive development during the formative years of pre-school, elementary school, middle school and early high school.