First Grade ELA Workshop Objectives:

QLKids’ 1st Grade ELA Workshop has the New York State ELA Standards curriculum at its core.

As quoted in the NYS Common Core State Standards for ELA “READING: Text complexity and the growth of comprehension. The Reading standards place equal emphasis on the sophistication of what students read and the skill with which they read...”

The list of literacy knowledge a 1st grader is required to accomplish by the close of the school year is enormous. Here at QLKids’, your child will be gently supported with a pinpoint focus on each component in his or her development on the ELA learning continuum.

We instruct your child in each workshop with small components of key ideas and details, support their awareness on crafting written expression and build their knowledge on integrating the important elements of drawing conclusions and interpreting the difference between fiction and non-fiction content.

During the 18-week semester, your 1st grade child will attend a small group workshop with no more than four other 1st graders. The Literacy Director teaches this workshop along with a staff educator. Literacy Research indicates that young children learn new concepts within a small group of peers and instructors.

This format alleviates his or her stress which numerous 1st graders experience during a one-student, one-instructor session. Children succeed at a more rapid pace when they are sharing the new skills which they have just mastered.

Our small studio children’s space has been designed for comfort in an environment which fosters focused learning. Posters and materials are on display, only as required by a particular lesson being taught during any given workshop.

We here at QLKids’ Learning Center, Inc., welcome your child to a memorable first grade experience. Our goal is to ease your child into making sense of the building blocks of reading comprehension, written expression and a thirst to read for knowledge. We support children in mastering the art of literacy communication which will last them a lifetime.