Second Grade ELA Workshop Objectives:

Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center’s Second Grade ELA Sequential Block Series Workshops have been designed to assist students with their understanding and practice to integrate reading comprehension and the writing process. The literacy foundation takes hold during second grade (as demonstrated in the current New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy). Students begin to read a wider and more in-depth range of fiction and nonfiction literature. This range of higher-quality text requires a more secure foundation structured around phonics, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and critical analysis thinking skills.

Students at Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center receive structured ELA lessons on a weekly basis to support their individual development through the process of building skills. Proficient reading and writing skills for academia are fostered through enjoyable and interesting instruction.

Students of Quantum Leap Kids’ also receive tools and resources to utilize in their classrooms and at home to support and reinforce the learning continuum (especially with the writing process). The need to devote a significant amount of time and effort to create written expressions to support their opinions, demonstrate comprehension of the subjects they are studying and convey fiction and nonfiction experiences and events are challenging at the second grade level. However, with Quantum Leaps’ guidance, effective instruction and, most importantly, a nurturing academic environment, your second grader’s writing process will develop and evolve systemically.

The second grade for readers and writers is a critical year in their academic development. Students at Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center find that meeting these goals, through organized tasks in an environment that mentors their success, builds confidence and self-reliance that encourages future successful academic endeavors.