3rd through 7th grade

Lessons and activities structured into the ELA Sequential Block Series Workshops, here at Quantum Leap Kids’ Learning Center, Inc., are closely associated with the New York Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (ELA). Your child will be instructed in quick-paced interconnected ELA grade-specific concepts to develop skills and comprehension in reading, writing and speaking. Grade-appropriate standards will be the objective of each lesson building upon a thorough knowledge of:

Reading: Literature and Informational Text Skills:
  • Key Ideas and Details
  • Craft and Structure
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
Writing: Readiness Anchor Standards Skills:
  • Write opinion pieces
  • Write informative/explanatory text
  • Develop narrative techniques
  • Research to build and present ideas in writing
Speaking and Listening Standards Skills:
  • Verbally report on a topic to an audience
  • Tell a story
  • Participate in debates
  • Adapt speech to a variety of context and tasks
Development of ELA Foundational Skills:
  • Grammar Usage
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization

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