Workshops Begin November 2014


The NYS Exam Preparation Workshops are designed for students in grades 3 through 6. Each workshop focuses on the three ELA sections your child will encounter during the New York State Standards Exam, which is scheduled for April 2015.


Your child will be required to read 4-5 passages and accurately answer literal comprehension questions.

QLKIDS’ ELA Workshop Practice is structured to implement testing strategies and to foster an in-depth understanding of the following concepts:

  • Recall and locate information
  • Identify the author’s purpose
  • Identify the main idea from supporting details
  • Make predictions
  • Compare and contrast content
  • Use figurative language in text
  • Draw inferences
  • Draw conclusions
  • Vocabulary

During this 60-minute exam session, your child will be required to listen to his or her teacher as a passage is read twice. During the first reading, students listen for details. The students are then instructed during the second reading of the same passage to write down pertinent information to support their memory to answer two short written responses and one long written response.

The QLKIDS’ ELA Workshop Practice includes instruction that builds student confidence while they create and design informational scaffolding techniques. Our literacy methodology models demonstrates and implements graphic organizers to arrange details needed to clearly support students accurate written responses. This lesson is taught at each workshop to develop the written process prior to the exam.

In one hour, students will be required to independently read two passages, write two short responses, then write one long response comparing the similarities and differences found in the two passages. Students need to:

  • Understand the multi-task questions
  • Write a topic sentence that connects to the conclusion
  • Explain through examples
  • Include interesting, insightful connections
  • And edit for spelling, vocabulary and punctuation

Through our teaching and instruction here at the center, we recognize this challenge for students and have witnessed this section of the exam as the most difficult to master.

Over the course of the 4 month workshop, students will build the framework to organize and write with improvement on this section of the exam.

This last section on the ELA exam is the most challenging for students. The New York Core State Standards for ELA are now requiring 3rd – 7th graders, and students throughout high school, to be able to connect their reading comprehension skills to the development of their written expression skills.

The challenge for students to master this skill begins with the limited time allotted during classroom writing practice.

Writing is the most advanced level of communication of any language. Excellent writing skills involve the mechanics of proper English language usage, coupled with an organized thought process. The writing section mastery for the NYS ELA Exam requires students to diligently practice under the guidance of literacy expert instruction.